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An interactive solution for retailers to provide allergens information of non-prepacked foods

An interactive solution for retailers to provide allergens information of non-prepacked foods

TMM Group designed and implemented -using the Waapiti platform- an interactive tool about allergens and ingredients of non-prepacked foods in Bonpreu - Esclat supermarket chain.

This interactive tool fulfills the current law about food allergens labelling and information requirements (EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation No. 1169/2011), where retailers have to inform consumers of allergens for non-prepacked foods.

Advantages of having this tool

The goal of this interactive tool is to cover different needs at the point of sale:

  • Switching from paper to digital signage

  • To inform consumers of food allergens information for non-prepacked foods.

  • Show different products depending on each establishment

  • Provide information in different languages

  • Synchronize product stock information in real time with the client database

The integration of Waapiti Platform with the customer database allows an automatic data synchronization. Therefore, all data management is centralized, avoiding outdated or duplicate data, and allowing specific location availability to be taken into account.

An all-in-one solution: stability, smooth-running and reliability  

The interactive solution is presented in a 16 or 22 inch all-in-one multi-touch display - a 24/7 POS solution. The screen is both used for portrait and landscape orientation, depending on space availability. This can be integrated into different kiosks, mounted on the wall or easily used as a stand-alone device.

Content playback is smooth and reliable as it works offline, unlike a website that plays content via streaming. This allows to minimize the amount of data transferred, to just important information such as prices or stock.

All these features provide a 100% successful customer experience. That is an important difference between other POS touch solutions that we can find in different retailers.

Measurement and interactive database analysis

This interactive tool collects data such as usage, category views or products views. The reports that can be extracted allows the client to cross-check data with other information such as sales, and analyze the KPI’s to focus on new selling strategies.

Other possibilities

With this type of tool, it is possible to integrate extra features, depending on each specific project requirement such as:

  • Add items to a shopping cart, allowing the user to print the list of items, or send it to an email address.

  • Add an existing payment system, such as an implemented e-commerce platform, to finalize the purchase via the application.

  • Several sensors, for example a barcode scanner for scanning loyalty cards and identifying the user, so retailers can offer an improved customer experience.

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