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Queue management systems at the Sant Jordi Clinic

Queue management systems at the Sant Jordi Clinic

The Clínica Sant Jordi has implemented 48” professional displays that integrate an intelligent queueing management system, improving the management and making the waiting experience better in its health center. From now on, patients in the waiting room will no longer have to worry about asking whose the turn it is.

The patients can select through a self-service ticketing kiosk the reason for their appointment so they take a ticket. Depending on the option that the patient chooses, one ticket number will be received for one queue or another.

The system organizes waiting lines efficiently in order to serve patients as quickly and as best as possible. This has functionalities for the center to determine its service strategy, prioritizing some turns in front of others. Thus, attention criteria such as maximum wait or critical services are established.

The system generates reports and statistics that allow analyzing the behavior of customers. Attention metrics, waiting time, and other parameters that will help manage resources and waiting times.

Each time that it is passed to the next turn, it is reported through a digital billboard screen located in height above the wall, which also emits a sound alarm to make the change of a new turn more evident to the patients that are waiting.

On the installed screen, you can see the called tickets and the desks where you are served. These screen displays with integrated digital signage Waapiti platform, allows you to entertain waiting customers with other corporate content.

The queueing management system is a very suitable solution for all those spaces as waiting rooms, which involve personalized attention to the client. These types of solutions are found in different verticals such as: healthcare, banking, offices, courier companies, shopping malls, public administration or supermarkets.

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