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Waapiti implements a satisfaction survey in United Colors of Benetton stores

Waapiti implements a satisfaction survey in United Colors of Benetton stores

United Colors of Benetton fashion chain has installed an interactive application in its points of sale, which allows to find out the customers opinion about different aspects of the store, the fashion collection or the sales team. An interactive tool designed and monitored by Waapiti, which allows to collect data and visualize it in real-time.

The solution has been installed near the cash registers, on a 16" touch screen integrated into a custom desktop furniture. The hardware specification includes an integrated player, so there is no need to connect an external Waapiti player. This professional grade solution offers superior quality and robustness than a consumer tablet.

Like on any other application that runs on the Waapiti platform, content is played smoothly and stability is ensured. All contents are stored locally so the interactive survey and the data collection keeps working even under an internet connection failure. 

What do customers think of your brand? The satisfaction survey increasingly present at the point of sale

Satisfaction surveys are no longer new at the POS, however, it is important to know that not all survey applications work equally. The Waapiti tool -implemented in Benetton stores- has a decision tree that allows you to jump from one question to another depending on the answer. In this way, we get very specific information according to each user's response.  Another characteristic of this survey is the language selector, which allows the user to choose the preferred language to answer the questions. In addition, it integrates a keyboard to allow the customer to add complete feedback.

Know the customer's opinion to improve the Customer Experience

When looking to improve the customer experience, one of the points to consider is customer service. In that sense, tools like these allow brands to focus on goals and campaigns, to know their target better. So the brand can change the questions and adapt them to their marketing objectives at any time.

From Benetton's marketing department they can extract real-time data by stores separately or generate a full store’s report selecting a range of dates. All the data obtained helps to understand the customer's opinion and to offer solutions to enhance the customer's satisfaction.

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